The Race

November 4-5, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 College Sailing Singlehanded National Championships at the University of South Florida and St. Petersburg Yacht Club in St. Petersburg, FL!

This page should provide you with all of the information you need for the event. Please remember to submit your competition declaration prior to the start.


Men's Entries
Gary Prieto '18, U. S. Naval Academy
Carrson Pearce '21, U. S. Merchant Marine Academy
Clay Broussard '18, Georgetown University
Maximilian Guerriero '21, U. S. Naval Academy
Korbin Kierstead '19, University of Wisconsin
Charlie Kutschenreuter '19, University of Wisconsin
Mason Wolters '18, University of Michigan
Nicholas Baird '19, Yale University
Scott Rasmussen '20, Boston College
Malcolm Lamphere '18, Yale University
Alp Rodopman '17, Tufts University
Benjamin McMaster '21, University of British Columbia
Luke Muller '18, Stanford University
Lucas Pierce '21, University of California at Santa Barbara
Stefano Peschiera '18, College of Charleston
Gage Wilson '21, Jacksonville University
Gerald Williams '19, College of Charleston
John Hanna '19, Texas A&M University at Galveston
Women's Entries
Lola Bushnell '18, Georgetown University
Lenox Butcher '20, University of Pennsylvania
Riley Legault '19, George Washington University
Carly Broussard '21, Georgetown University
Haddon Hughes '19, Georgetown University
Rachel Rantanen '19, Michigan State University
Dana Rohde '18, U. S. Coast Guard Academy
Talia Toland '21, Tufts University
Anna Weis '20, Boston University
Lindsey Baab '18, Brown University
Sophia Reineke '21, Boston College
Laura Smit '18, University of Washington
Christina Sakellaris '21, Stanford University
Sophia Sole '21, Stanford University
Kelly-Ann Arrindell '20, College of Charleston
Marian Frances Williams '21, College of Charleston
Sarah Streater '18, University of South Florida
Shelby Thornton '19, University of North Texas